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More Info in a nutshell is a productive, secure platform for modern data teamwork.

We bring together your data practitioners, subject matter experts, and other stakeholders by removing costly barriers to data discovery, comprehension, integration, and sharing.

Everything your team needs to quickly understand and use data stays with it.

Social features and integrations encourage collaborators to ask and answer questions, share discoveries, and coordinate closely while still using their preferred tools.

Our focus on interoperability helps you enhance your own data with data from any source, including our vast and growing library of free public datasets.

Sophisticated permissions, auditing features, and more make it easy to manage who views your data and what they do with it.



All API calls require an API token.

OAuth2 is the preferred and most secure method for authenticating users of your applications. Visit our oauth documentation for additional information. Alternatively, you can obtain a token for personal use or testing by navigating to your profile settings, under the Advanced tab (

Authentication must be provided in API requests via the Authorization header. For example, for a user whose API token is my_api_token, the request header should be Authorization: Bearer my_api_token (note the Bearer prefix).

Content type

By default, application/json is the content type used in request and response bodies. Exceptions are noted in respective endpoint documentation.

HTTPS only

Our APIs can only be accessed via HTTPS.

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Check out our developer portal for tips on how to get started, tutorials, and to interact with the API endpoints right within your browser.