Web Widgets

data.world widgets speed up the development of rich integrations for data.world. They are fully responsive drop-in web components that make it possible for users to browse data and author queries without leaving your product.

Dataset Selector

With the Dataset Selector, users can look for and pick the dataset or data project they want to use.

"Data Finder"

Integration Steps

Step 1: Include https://widgets.data.world/dataworld-widgets.js in your html.

Step 2: Instantiate and launch the widget

var options = {
  client_id: 'example' // Your OAuth client ID
var datasetSelector = new window.dataworldWidgets.DatasetSelector(options);

datasetSelector.success(function (selectedDataset) {
  // This will be called when a dataset's 'Link' button is pressed
  // At this point, proceed with API calls that make sense in the context of your app

datasetSelector.cancel(function () {
  // this will be called when the user clicks outside the dataset selector to close it

// Shows the dataset selector

Step 3 (optional): Customize options

  • hideSearchBar: (boolean) hides the search bar on the widget
  • hideViewButton: (boolean) hides the view button on the search results. The view button links out to the dataset on data.world
  • linkText: (string) replaces the Link button text on the search results
  • query: (string) default query for search
  • tabs: (array) tabs to be shown on the selector. Available options are ‘search’, ‘authorized’, and ‘liked’. By default all tabs will be shown.

Query Editor

PREVIEW FEATURE: This is a preview feature. Contact us to request early access.

With the Query Editor, users can author SQL and SPARQL queries right from within your product.

"Query Editor"